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Love, War and Passion: The Remarkable Beginning

It all began in Italy.
This enchanting story takes its first steps some 45 years ago in the small, charming Italian country town called Lucca.

Situated near the Tyrrhenian Sea in the hills of Tuscany, Lucca is known for its many beautiful cathedrals and stunning marble churches.

It was in this picturesque settlement that our grandparents Francesco and Rina met and swiftly fell in love. Their journey together would take many turns, with astonishing blessings and great challenges – and ultimately to where we at Tesoro Jewellery are today – three generations later.

Love conquers all
Francesco and Rina married very young. They were passionately in love and meant everything to each other. But their life together quickly took a testing turn when Francesco was drafted for World War II, leaving his young bride behind. Life wasn’t easy for a young newlywed woman, battling the days alone, anxiously waiting for her husband’s return. And little did she know, it would be several years until she would see him again.

Indeed, life certainly wasn’t easy for Francesco either. Fighting for his homeland and risking his life but incredibly – despite being captured and taken as a prisoner of war – Francesco managed to survive the war and was eventually able to return to Italy and to his beloved. Oh, such happy days! The devoted twosome, reunited once again.

They went on to have a wonderful son; Enzo, who was the apple of their eye. As for most parents, their one desire and aspiration was for their son to live a happy and prosperous life.

An idea sprung to life
At some stage during these years, Francesco gave Rina a precious gift; a pair of gold earrings and a gold chain. Rina cherished these items so much she rarely took them off. Indeed, to this very day us at Tesoro have found it nearly impossible to recall a memory when she wasn’t wearing them.

It was Rina’s love for those pieces’ that inspired Francesco to start the Tesoro brand in the early 1970s.

He adored the idea of being able to provide jewellery to women, who would love and cherish the pieces just as much as his Rina did.

His mission was, and our mission continues to be: to stretch the boundaries of design, striving to create defined and feminine jewellery collections.

After 45 years this mantra still forms the very core of each and every piece we design.

Indeed, in today’s disposable society, we strive to produce beautiful and unique quality jewellery for women to love, be proud of and treasure – just as our extraordinary grandparents did.

We are very proud of the history of Tesoro and tremendously thankful to Francesco ‘s and Rina’s hard work and dedication.

Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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