An Enchanting Winter: Beautiful Jewellery For The Frosty Season

Winter has still very much got a firm grip on Australia, and especially so here in chilly Melbourne. Winter weather may mean moving from sundresses and tops to wool jackets and gloves, but just because you’re all covered up doesn’t mean you can’t rock a stunning piece of jewellery or two! So instead of grumbling about short […]

A Glittering Past: The Fascinating History of Jewellery

The history of jewellery is not only both fascinating and surprising, but also much more ancient than you might actually realise. In fact, jewellery is nearly as old as civilization itself and existed even before both the written language or the spoken word. “The first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration”, as British […]

Tesoro Jewellery: Keeping Moments Alive.

Life is all about those moments you never forget. There is a saying that goes, “We don’t remember days. We remember moments”. Moments of laughter, moments of happiness, moments of sorrow…  Such as the last time you spent time with a grandparent, and the intense love you felt. That time around the family table when […]

The Importance Of Self-Love and Empowering Jewellery

Many women today feel they are expected to be everything to everyone. They are expected to be a loving wife, a devoted employee, a caring friend. A committed citizen and a perfect mother; always making sure those around them are happy, well-fed and supported. They are expected to be taking care of things at home; […]

Italian Design: A History of Excellence

“Made In Italy”. Three small but such powerful words, sought after by shoppers and designers all over the world. Indeed, thanks to Italy’s glorious design heritage and reputation for style and innovation, products made in Italy enjoy a high profile and exclusive feel. This is of course one of the reasons all our jewellery is […]

The Magical Tesoro Story Of Love.

It’s the month of February – meaning the month of Valentine’s Day, and thus the month of love. What suits better than a true story of love from us at Tesoro? This story is about companionship, about devotion, and indeed about true love. It’s a story ultimately about how the Tesoro saga started, many years […]

Why We Believe Being Different is Being Beautiful.

Beauty is so much more than what is on your outside. It’s about how you feel, your thoughts, your emotions. It’s about what you think about, what you focus on, it’s about how you treat other people. It’s about your inner emotional state – since your inside will always reflect on your outside. Above all, […]

How To Choose Jewellery: Enhance Your Face Shape With Tesoro

Jewellery For Every Face There are as many face shapes out there as there are women, and isn’t that wonderful – after all diversity is beautiful, and we are all beautiful in our own way. The fact that different facial shapes suit different hairstyles is rather well-known – but what tends to be forgotten is […]

A Perfect Idea: The Day Tesoro Jewellery Was Born

Francesco, his darling wife Rina and their son Enzo lived a quiet life in the pretty town of Lucca, Northern Tuscany. But their lives would soon drastically change, and it all started with a few pieces of jewellery. Yes, Rina adored the beautiful pieces Francesco had once gifted her. Seeing how she cared for the […]