How To Wear

In the same way a great haircut can be complementary to your features, choosing the best jewellery for your face shape will have the same benefits.

Know your face shape

The first step is to know your face shape. Take a look in the mirror with your hair pulled back and see where is the widest part of your face, the most narrow part or if your face is fairly symmetrical then you likely have a round or square face shape.


These face shapes are longer than they are wide. Oval face shapes have a rounded hairline and jaw. Oval face shapes look great in hoop earrings or middle length dangle earrings that provide some curves and width, this will help to naturally balance the shape of your face.

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Diamond face shapes have a narrow chin and forehead, and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Given your face shape is already relatively long, wearing long necklaces and earrings will accentuate the length. Opt for shorter necklaces that can add width and rectangle or oval pendants are great options. For earrings, short to mid length dangles are great, but anything that falls at your jaw or below will make your face appear longer than it is.

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A square face shape has an equal distance from the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Balance a strong jaw with longer length earrings and necklaces! With linear jewellery, you are drawing the eye up and down and creating a longer look. Long necklaces with eye-catching pendants are a great choice, and long, linear earrings are also a good option. You can wear long dramatic earrings that hit at or below the jawline to add some curves and balance a square jaw.

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Similar to Oval, a rectangle face shape has more length than width. Rectangle shapes have a square hairline or forehead and jaw. Try adding width and curves to soften the face, short necklaces with circular pendants are great as are shorter length earrings such as hoops or small dangles with a rounded or tear drop profile.

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If you have beautiful round cheeks, a rounded jaw and hairline then you have a round face shape.

To balance the curves of a round face, looking for jewellery with geometric shapes or necklaces and pendants with length are very complimentary. Beautiful long length earrings in a linear shape can create the appearance of a longer face shape.

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If you have a nice narrow chin and your face widens towards the hairline, you have a Heart face profile. With this shape we want to balance the narrow chin by adding width at the jawline with wide earrings, as well as at the base of the neck with shorter necklaces. Earrings with a teardrop shape are great as is anything with a nice rounded profile. Short statement pieces or bold curves are really nice options for this face shape.

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