Tesoro Jewellery: Keeping Moments Alive.

Life is all about those moments you never forget.

There is a saying that goes, “We don’t remember days. We remember moments”. Moments of laughter, moments of happiness, moments of sorrow…  Such as the last time you spent time with a grandparent, and the intense love you felt. That time around the family table when you all laughed at a particularly amusing story… Or the moment you accomplish something you didn’t think you were capable of.

For many women around the world, jewellery is a way of keeping these special moments alive. A wedding ring isn’t just a pretty ring. It is a daily reminder of what it symbolises: love, commitment and trust. Or those earrings that used be your mothers, now yours – which are of immeasurable value to you – since every time you wear them, you feel close to her.

Yes, here at Tesoro we are convinced – in fact we know that jewellery isn’t ‘just’ jewellery… Jewellery is engrossed with memories, feelings and moments. Just by glancing at a particular piece we can be thrown back months, years and even decades to that special time the jewellery symbolises. Such as the first piece of jewellery our significant other gifted us – wearing it makes us think of the endless endearment and love we experienced. Or a beautiful piece we purchased abroad, the first time we ever travelled to a new country… We remember the smells, the smiles, the warm sunny days. Or perhaps those earrings you wore during the most romantic night of your life, and the happiness you felt… Those memories will continue to come back to you every time you wear the pieces again.

Indeed, jewellery is collected through various stages of our lives, representing those special moments experienced. Choosing which pieces to wear is an incredibly personal way to express yourself, since they represent so many wonderful stories and memories.

This is why jewellery is so precious, because we form an emotional connection with every piece we collect.

And, in today’s digital age where memories are mainly stored digitally in the form of photos and ‘selfies’, we believe jewellery as a form of memory is more important than ever. Being able to wear a significant memory around your neck, or in your ears, or on your wrist, and carry it with you wherever you go is a feeling that cannot be underestimated.

Indeed, in a world where fast, throw-away fashion is more prevalent than ever – we firmly believe that nothing can compare to true quality jewellery, which can be worn, adored and treasured for years and years to come, and even handed down generations. Fashion comes and goes, but well-made jewellery remains for decades, as do the memories that come with them.

What’s more, for some, jewellery is even ingrained with almost magical abilities making them feel safe, assured and protected in different ways. One may be seeking for their jewellery to add a layer of empowerment and confidence at an important work meeting. Or one may want a special statement that expresses or enhances personal identity.

It really isn’t surprising that jewellery holds such a distinctive and highly personal place in people’s consciousness.

Rather than just a nice gift to someone else, jewellery is also increasingly being purchased by the wearer for themselves, to celebrate an accomplishment, to make a statement, to stand out or to define a personal style. We believe jewellery should elicit an emotive response – making you feel something, making you form that initial connection and bond. That is why one of our core values is creating long lasting pieces in superior quality.

We fondly recollect one of our regular customers telling us about her emotional connection with her jewellery pieces. She was gifted a pair of stunning Tesoro white gold earrings by her son and they soon became her favourite jewellery, not only because of their beautiful design, but because every time she wore them she thought about her son and the love he had shown her, and how he had selected these earrings specifically for her. It was a daily dose of happiness as it made her feel grateful for her life and relationship with her son. It gave her a value that she simply could not put a label on.

This remarkable connection one can form with jewellery is in fact the very reason Tesoro was founded, over 40 years ago. The idea sprung to life when our grandfather Francesco gave his beloved wife Rina a cherished gift: A pair of fine gold earrings and a gold chain. Rina developed a deep love and connection with these pieces. They made her think of the special moment Francesco gave them to her. They became a symbol for the start of their love affair and how they felt for each other as a new couple. To the end of her days, Rina was rarely ever seen without the pieces.

Francesco adored how much Rina treasured the jewellery he had given her, how much she appreciated them and wore them with pride. He realised that this is a feeling every woman deserves to experience… And that is what inspired him to start the Tesoro brand, all those years ago.

His mission was, and to this day continues to be: To create unique, impeccable quality jewellery which evokes a connection, a feeling. Jewellery that makes you feel confident, empowered and your very best you. Jewellery that shows your unique personality and style…  Jewellery that reminds you of a special moment.

After 45 years this mantra still forms the very core of each and every piece we design.

This is what keeps us going year after year here at Tesoro and it’s why we love to do what we do. For us, it’s not just a piece of jewellery, it’s not just an accessory. It’s about a feeling. It’s about very special moments.

Our jewellery keeps those extraordinary moments alive. And that – we believe – is truly invaluable.


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