How To Choose Jewellery: Enhance Your Face Shape With Tesoro

Jewellery For Every Face There are as many face shapes out there as there are women, and isn’t that wonderful – after all diversity is beautiful, and we are all beautiful in our own way. The fact that different facial shapes suit different hairstyles is rather well-known – but what tends to be forgotten is […]

A Perfect Idea: The Day Tesoro Jewellery Was Born

Francesco, his darling wife Rina and their son Enzo lived a quiet life in the pretty town of Lucca, Northern Tuscany. But their lives would soon drastically change, and it all started with a few pieces of jewellery. Yes, Rina adored the beautiful pieces Francesco had once gifted her. Seeing how she cared for the […]

Romantic couple holding hands in the sunset

Love, War and Passion: The Remarkable Beginning

It all began in Italy. This enchanting story takes its first steps some 45 years ago in the small, charming Italian country town called Lucca. Situated near the Tyrrhenian Sea in the hills of Tuscany, Lucca is known for its many beautiful cathedrals and stunning marble churches. It was in this picturesque settlement that our […]